What can it do? That’s not really the question - the question is, can you master it all? Futuro Cube is loaded with sensors monitoring movement, gravity, touch, gestures and more. It processes all the data in milliseconds and communicates with you through light, music and sound.

Puzzles & Action Games

Futuro Cube

Futuro Cube is a game console packed with action games and brain-teasers. Its users are from a broad cross-section of society, from youth to seniors, from IT specialists to nurses, economists, actors and mangers. From our wide variety of games, everyone can find their favorite. A full list of games can be found on our games link. Our collection of games and brain-teasers is constantly growing thanks to our firmware updates. When your current games no longer interest you, it’s simple to download new ones. Information about new applications can be found on our updates link.

Motion Control, Light & Sound

Forget about keyboards and touch displays, Futuro Cube comes with something completely new. The basis is on turning and tapping, and full control is comprised of sophisticated gestures. Futuro Cube is a black cube with light diodes, audio cues and vibrations. Each side can display color points with the effect of light diffusion of various intensities. Play is accented by sound effects and the Cube’s speaking voice.

Wireless Multiplayer

Wireless connection allows for two Cubes to communicate at distances of up to 5 meters. Your opponent, therefore, doesn’t always have to be the Cube, itself; you can play against your friends. Multiplayer mode can be activated with games such as Gomoku, Tetris and Multiconnect. Can you imagine more fun under the Christmas tree?

Futuro Cube

USB charging

The Futuro Cube runs on a rechargeable battery that provides a number of hours of play. To recharge, simply connect to your computer via the standard micro USB cable or a web adapter.

Logical thinking

Some of the games are quite difficult logical challenges that require you to study the problem and figure out algorithms to solve it. Puzzle games are a timeless entertainment that continue to develop—those who loved Rubik’s Cube will love Futuro Cube.

Motor skills

Many of our games are very sensitive to controls and require you to be quite dexterous with your motor skills. Some games use a hotspot – the uppermost LED light is brighter – as a cursor. Other games require you to hold the Cube in certain positions – you control the top side for example. Some of these may be a little difficult at first but players improve quickly, and that’s the just beginning...

Spatial memory and imagination

Many game enthusiasts love Five-in-a-Row (Gomoku). Playing it on a cube, however, proves to be several orders more difficult because your spatial imagination is not used to similar tasks. In fact, many Futuro Cube games are based on familiar games; however, when adapted to a cube, they force the player to stretch his spatial memory and imagination.