FW Updates

It’s a combination of common technology, innovative design and your own sences. The Cube guides you with its own voice and it will always push you forward thanks to the intuitive use of sound and light. All you need is your eyes, ears and hand

We will be releasing updates on the regular basis. Feel free to e-mail us with your ideas for new features, or report any problems


We are currently working on SW that allows you to load your FUTURO CUBE with the latest updates, new features and bug fixes. This SW will run on WINDOWS and MAC OS. SDK is also being prepared. Check the following list for known issues and planned new features. Feel free to contact us with comments, ideas and bug reports.

Issue #1

In rare cases, after the USB cable is unplugged and the GAME MENU should start, the cube hibernates as if the user performed a double-tap from the bottom. To the user it appears as a malfunction or as if the battery is drained.

Workaround: Perform the GAME MENU gesture and continue in normal operation. Possible fix in new update.

Issue #2

Multi Cubris sometimes freezes at the beginning.

Workaround: Perform GAME MENU GESTURE and restart MULTI CUBRIS. WILL BE COMPLETELY FIXED in upcoming update.

Issue #3

During multi player games, sometimes the communication freezes and the game is stopped or there is a time-out, and players cannot continue. This behavior has been observed more often at places where there is huge radio traffic coming from several wi-fi networks or bluetooths.

Workaround: None with current FW. WILL BE COMPLETELY FIXED in upcoming update.

New features and requests from users (not necessarily all incorporated in upcoming update)

#1 Personalization of cube

You will be able to personalize your cube by creating your own icon which will be easy to display during the GAME MENU selection or shortly after the GAME MENU gesture. You can then easily identify which cube is your own.

#2 Transportation mode transition longer than 24 hours

Seems like transition into transportation mode in 24 hours is too short. It will be prolonged to 48 hours or even more.

#3 Different ending, better rules and higher score display for ROAD RUNNER

The ending of Road Runner for new players seems to be little confusing, so it might be changed slightly. Also scoring will be increased to up to 9999!

#4 GRAVITY PUZZLE solution scoring and detection

Gravity Puzzle will now reward you for completing the puzzle. Also you’ll get your solution time plus the number of moves you performed. There may also be a move-back option.

#5 More lives in SNAKE

Up to three lives for prolonged play of Snake.

#6 Take back move in CUBRIS

If you place a piece in the wrong position, you will have a chance to take it back and place it in a different spot. This would be possible only before you pick up a new piece.

#7 Randomizing of GOMOKU moves

Gomoku is always played the same way; once you find the winning pattern you can repeat it till infinity. The next version will not have better AI, but moves with similar strength will be randomized.

#8 Improving AI for CONNECT

AI in Connect needs lots of improvements. This game was originally designed for only 2 players, however, in an upcoming upgrade, Futuro Cube itself will become a respectable opponent.

We’ll also have new games ready soon--hope you’re as psyched as we are!